MOTO GUZZI New Models 2019

V85 TT
The fundamental concepts at the heart of the V85 TT project are simplicity, ease and practicality, values typical of those 80s enduro bikes that could be used for anything, from the daily commute to adventurous trips, yet also values that are gradually getting lost in an increasingly homologated market, where ranges favour significant size and weight.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT achieves its ambitious goal of combining a style based on said values with the needs of a modern touring enduro. This is why it deserves the title of classic enduro, dedicated to touring.


V7 III Stone 2019
On the V7 III Stone every detail is perfected to ensure that owning and riding it is a truly satisfying experience, while retaining the originality and authenticity of this iconic motorcycle.

The 2019 Model Year of this eclectic and essential version forsakes any chromium detail to embrace the darkness of matt black paint, paired with a saddle that has a passenger grab strap. In addition to Nero Ruvido, V7 III Stone is available in two new and attractive satin finish colour schemes , Grigio Granitico and Rosso Rovente.
From next Spring, moreover, it will be available in the "Night Pack" variant, characterized by full led lights and new specific stylistic details.


Available vehicles

V85 TT
V7 III Stone