PIAGGIO Beverly Range

Refined, distinctive design and detailed finishing for the scooter which sets both the trend and the bar when it comes to urban living.

A place for everything… Piaggio Beverly makes transporting bags and items a breeze with two roomy compartments: one in the rear shield, protected by a lid and housing a USB socket and a second under the seat, able to hold two flip-up helmets. To open the underseat storage, simply press the remote control which also activates the Bike Finder function so that the indicators flash, making it easy to locate.

Over the years, Piaggio Beverly has been renewed and maintained its popularity both for city riding and for its comfort and reliability demonstrated in short and medium range touring use. Thanks to the motorcycle style chassis architecture, Beverly is the most advanced and modern representative of the medium engine capacity high wheel scooter segment.

Beverley 300 ABS-ASR has established itself as a benchmark in the scooter world. It is powered by a single cylinder 278 cc Euro 4 engine with catalytic converter exhaust, single cam four-valve distributor and electronic fuel injection. 

For those looking for the very top in terms of performance, styling and comfort, Piaggio has developed the Beverly Sport Touring 350 ABS-ASR which is powered by a single cylinder 300-cc engine designed to provide performance equivalent to 400 cc, and is ideal for longer trips out of town. 


Available vehicles

Beverly Sport T. 350
Beverly 300