PIAGGIO Medley & Liberty Range

Piaggio Medley is the easy scooter, packed with equipment and advanced technology that combines the benefits of a high light wheel with the comfort and the wealth of equipment of a higher class scooter.

Unique style, extremely practical, easy and safe to ride. These are the traits which distinguish the Piaggio Medley 125 ABS, a scooter which combines the characteristics of a light high wheel with the superior features of the next class up. It’s powered by a four-stroke single cylinder 125-cc engine using i-get (Italian Green Experience Technology) and the Start-Stop system which automatically shuts off the motor when stopped at traffic lights, and then automatically restarts at the lightest touch of the accelerator.  

Medley Special Edition completes the piaggio medley range, powered by i-get 125 cc electronic injection, liquid cooled engines with 4 valve timing. A family of single cylinder engines that raises the bar in terms of quality, reliability and emissions containment. Start & Stop, Abs, “light guide” technology, record cargo capacity: piaggio medley was born to be a leader, embodying the values of quality, style and technology.

Liberty is a distinctive, modern line, the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence. Low fuel consumption and top performance and reliability thanks to the three-valve i-get engine with electronic injection and ABS. 

The Piaggio Liberty 125 ABS is the perfect solution for those seeking that elusive combination of style, lightness, easy driving and safety. What sets it apart is its superior standards of manoeuvrability, agility and reliability together with its sound technological base.


Available vehicles

Medley 125 SE
Medley 125
Liberty 125