PIAGGIO New Models 2019

Piaggio MP3 500 hpe Sport Advanced
The Sport Advanced version of Piaggio MP3 500 hpe boasts the same content as the Sport and introduces the brand-new reverse gear, another world first for a three-wheel scooter. Piaggio MP3 500 hpe Sport Advanced also stands out from the Sport version for its new front headlights complete with LED technology DRL lights, its gearbox cover and its original range of colours, comprising three matte shades: Grey, Gold and Blue.

Piaggio MP3 300 hpe
is the new, more agile and lighter version of the Piaggio MP3: acompact, sporty and dynamic vehicle which, nevertheless, does not sacrifice superior comfort and the content typical of GT scooters. All of this combined with the new Piaggio 300 hpe engine, accredited with power and torque values at the top of its category. Piaggio MP3 300 hpe stands out for its modern and sporty design which harmoniously blends the aggressive front end with a sleek rear to provide a slender and light line