PIAGGIO Wi-Bike Range

Piaggio has expanded its own horizons with a pedal-assisted bike which offers not only practicality and pleasure but also the chance to interact and share the experience.

The Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Plus is the aesthetic evolution of its standard namesake, sporting appealing stylistic elements such as the dedicated colour schemes and finishing in beautifully-crafted leather. The frame comes in a men’s version only, with top crossbar, in sizes M and L.

The Piaggio Wi-Bike Comfort Plus Unisex is twin to the “masculine” model which sports a top crossbar. It boasts elegant stylistic elements such as the seat and ergonomic handgrips in genuine leather, chrome detailing and cream-coloured tyres. The frame of the Unisex model does not have the top crossbar, making for easier mounting and dismount. It comes in S, M and L. 


Available vehicles

WiBike - Active Plus
WiBike - Comfort Plus