VESPA Special Edition Range

Vespa Yacht Club 125cc and 300cc
Vespa dips its toe into the alluring world of yachting with the introduction of the Vespa Primavera Yacht Club and Vespa GTS Yacht Club. Discover how classic white combines with sea-blue detailing.

Vespa Notte 125cc and 300cc
The dramatic matt black of the body is offset to perfection by details in gloss black to create an uber-exclusive effect which evokes the fascination of the night. The Vespa Notte is for those seeking the very best when it comes to attention to detail and perfection. Available in GTS Super, Vespa’s grittiest model.


Available vehicles

GTS Super Notte 300
GTS Yacht Club 300
GTS Super Notte 125
GTS Yacht Club 125
Primavera 125 Yacht Club